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Indonesian Orphanages

This page is currently under construction. It will include more information of the orphanages in Indonesia when it is complete.

Of October of 2007,Guru Eric Kruk , two students and family travelled to Bandung, Indonesia. There we donated clothes, school items, toys, rice, and noodles for 38 children in a orphanage.
Guru Eric Kruk and his family, and friends visited 4 orphanages which had up to 112 children. Three of the orphanages were in Bandung, Indonesia, and the other was in Garut, Indonesia. The orphanage in Garut, Cecep Rahman and his family also attended the gathering at the orphanage. Donations were bags, praying clothes, school supplies, candy, toys, and donations of money were given to the orphanages themselves.
Guru Eric Kruk and students travelled to Indonesia in Sept. of 2011. There we visited several Orphanages . We donated clothes, food, school supplies, toys, and rupiah. During our visit to one orphanage , 10 year old girl Kokom had a large tumor on her neck.. We decided as a group, to donate rupiah for her surgery of removal of the tumor. Surgery in Oct of 2011 was a success...


The two orphanage organizations are:

Rumah Yatim,


Panti Sosial Asuhan Anak (PSAA) Kurnia Asih
Telephone # (022) 522-8935
(This orphanage is one of the poorest in Bandung. They cannot currently afford a web page.)



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